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Name: first name, second name
Street Address: 52, Chaikina str, apt#89, 445008, Togliatti, Russia
Age on June, 1/2008: 20 y.o.
Marital status: single
Nationality: Russian

I'd like to work as a housekeeper or cook. I will be an excellent employee,
because I'm hardworking, honest and reliable. I like to communicate
with people and help them. I always try my best to achieve my goals.
I catch any new information quickly and I'm very responsible person.
I will avoid conflict situations, because I'm friendly. I am willing
to get new knowledge and skills. And you won't be disappointed,
if you'll hire me.

Name of university: Togliatti State University, Major: Safety management
Studying period: 2005 - present, 3d year student

Name of Company: Bar - club "Chicago"
Name of position: waitress
Working period: 10.2007 - present time
Duties: serving clients: fetching orders, working with bills.
Name of Company: Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa
Name of position: bus person
Working period: 07 - o9/2007
Duties: cleaning the tables, sometimes cutting lemons for the bar, rolling silverware
Name of Company: Saratoga Race Course
Name of position: cook
Working period: o7 - 09/2007
Duties: preparing salads, making desserts, cutting fruits and vegetables,
making set - ups for hamburgers, working on a cold line, making wraps, working with a slicer.
Name of Company: Cafe "It's confidential"
Name of position: prep - cook
Working period: o6 - 07/2007
Duties: preparing salads, cutting fruits and vegetables.

Computer user (word, excel, Photoshop)
Fluent English
Perfect Russian
I don't take alcoholic beverages. I don't smoke.

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