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Name: first name, second name
Gender: female
str. Ukrainskaya, 20, 5.
Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk, Russia
Age: 20
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Russian

Name of University: Sakhalin State University
Major Field of Study: linguistics

Name of Company: Supermarket "Stolichniy"
Name of position: cashiers assistant, sales person
Working period: summer 2007
Your Duties: packing the purchases; putting goods at the shelves, putting
price - stickers on them and helping people to find something in the store
Name of Company: Indian Restaurant "Bombay"
Name of position: waitress
Working period: summer 2006
Your Duties: taking orders, making reservations, serving customers
Finished musical school, that's why music is a part of my life.
Fond of sport, specially snowboarding, bicycling.
Reading. Photography.

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