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Name: first name, second name
Date of birth: 11.25.1988
Address: Building A, Raskolnikov Str., Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
Age: 19
Marital status: single

Engineering Economical Academy
Field of study: Economics

May 2007 - June 2007: Cafe "Malibu", waitress
June 2007 - September 2007: Shop "O'Hara", shop assistant

English - good

I decided to participate in Work Travel program because this program gives an opportunity to get acquainted with new people and work at the same time. I'll be able to travel a lot not spending money of my parents. Also participating in Work Travel program gives a chance to see another mode of life, to observe some other views, opinions. I may learn something from them. Next summer I'll have a chance to fulfill some of my dreams. The expectations, which are on the top, are my new impressions I hope get. Of course I'd like to visit new cities I've never seen before. Also I'll get great satisfaction if my American English improves.

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