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Name: first name, second name
Address: Russia, Kaliningrad region, Zelenogradsk town, Krylova str.
Date of birth: 08.29.85
Citizenship: Russia
Marital status: single

1. Zelenogradsk music school (1991 - 2001)
2. Zelenogradsk middle school (1992 - 2002)
3. Russian State University of I. Kant Faculty of Geography and Geoecology
(I had entered the university in 2002 and now I am fourth - year student)

June - September, 2005 Bruce Marton Co Inc., ME, USA Assistant of cheese production (making boxes, cutting cheese, help in cleaning)
June - September, 2005 Restaurant "Province 98", ME, USA bussing (waiting guests, cleaning from tables)
June - September, 2005 Hotel "Hillcrest", ME, USA Housekeeper (cleaning hotel's Rooms and backyard)
June - August, 2004 Hotel "Baltic Crown", Russia Waitress (taking orders, cleaning from tables)

English - good

I have skills in computer work and sport (running and gymnastics)

Among my hobbies are music and reading. At the weekend I can: visit or receive friends or just go for a walk. I like very much helping my mother at the kitchen.

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