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Name: first name, second name
Address: Russia, Kaliningrad, Tributsa str.
Date of birth: 11.20.85
Citizenship: Russia
Marital status: single

1. Middle school №36, Kaliningrad (1992 - 2002)
2. Kaliningrad State University, Faculty of Geography and geoecology (I had entered the university in 2002 and now I am fourth - year student)

June - September, 2004 Hotel "Baltic Crown", Kaliningrad Housemaid
July - September, 2005 Arby's, Florida Bus person (cleaning from tables)
July - September, 2005 Hotel "Comfort INN", Florida Housemaid

English - very good

I have skills in computer work.

I have many hobbies, for example, reading, music, cinema, swimming at summer. My free time I can spend with my relatives or with my friends. With relatives we like to go on the seaside (I like sea and nature very much), with my friends we can visit cinema or simply go for a walk. Also, I like helping my mum at home (she is a housekeeper): washing dishes, cleaning rooms, helping in cooking.

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